Adrenal exhaustion symptoms checklist

Physical symptoms of anxiety and stress due to adrenal gland exhaustion

In many ways the symptoms of adrenal exhaustion can be likened to anxiety attack symptoms.

They typically range from simple exhaustion to much more complex problems which manifest themselves as either similar to the symptoms of stress or manic depression through to bizarre and transient food allergies.

Symptoms are diverse and varied and often include:

Painful menstruation in women and erectile dysfunction in men

Disturbed sleep

Excessive perspiration

Fibromyalgia (serious nonlocalised discomfort and over sensitivity to bodily pressure)

Rashes on the skin

High blood pressure and low blood pressure

Adrenal exhaustion in women is common during pregnancy which is thought to be, in part, due to the myriad of other complex chemical changes in the body. Shortly after giving birth, chronic adrenal exhaustion is a real risk particularly if lack of sleep is causing symptoms of mental exhaustion.

One of the most bizarre phenomenon of adrenal exhaustion in men has to be the link between adrenal exhaustion and anal itching. Almost 70% of men over the age of 50 who are diagnosed with adrenal exhaustion report their primary symptom as being that of being a persist anal itch.

Whilst obviously being non-life threatening anal itching is known to be an indicator of prostate problems which could indicate a link between prolonged adrenaline imbalances and the onset of prostate cancer in later life.

Please see our article adrenal exhaustion and anal itching for more details.