Adrenal Exhaustion

What is Adrenal Exhaustion

Adrenal Exhaustion is a quiet health epidemic which is becoming more and more common. In fact, it may surprise you to learn, that adrenal exhaustion is an underlying factor in all illnesses.

Adrenal exhaustion is often caused by an overly stressful and busy lifestyle. The links between problems with the adrenal gland and excessive stress are well known but recent research also suggests they can be exasperated by poor diet, caffeine and smoking.

Adrenaline is the body's 'fight or flight' hormone and therefore the body is very sensitive to there being too much or too little of it in the blood stream.

Adrenaline's potency is easy to understand given that in earlier times too little could mean death due to inaction.

One major problem is that in today's society there is rarely a physical need to react with great urgency or strength but the body's natural reflexes to produce, or over produce, adrenaline persist.

Connections between adrenal exhaustion and serotonin levels are also under investigation as a wider understanding of indirect influences of mood upon physical well being are becoming better understood.

Many people report their experience of adrenal exhaustion as being seasonal and it's even been suggested that those suffering of seasonal affect disorder may be suffering from a mild form of adrenal exhaustion without even recognizing it.

Whilst there are blood tests for adrenal fatigue diagnosis by this method is not 100 percent reliable, particularly for those entering the early stages. Traces present in the blood of adrenal exhaustion sufferers are often similar to those which indicate migraine headaches, namely dominant estrogen hormone profiles.

Once the symptoms of tired adrenal glands have be identified modern medicine offers several options for treatment however many patients opt to try more holistic or treatments including change of diet and preparations consisting of Chinese herbs and other eastern remedies.

Of late there has been much debate about the efficacy of royal jelly and its benefits for adrenal exhaustion. Whilst there is no proof that these alternative treatments work, they are certainly not detrimental to patients' health and could argue that even if they only provide a placebo effect, that effect is positive in itself so no harm is done.

Due to the close link between adrenal exhaustion and stress, even short stays at a adrenal rest retreat establishment can be hugely therapeutic. One of the primary advantages of visiting an adrenal rest retreat is the opportunity it affords to learn about diet changes and dispel the myth that adrenal exhaustion causes weight gain - it doesn't. There's a lot of misinformation about the condition as demonstrated buy the most common questions asked of staff "Does salt help adrenal exhaustion". The answer is no!

It's true that many patients with adrenal exhaustion symptoms experience weight gain but this is often due to comfort eating to combat depressive mood swings caused by serotonin imbalances similar to those found in patients suffering from depression.

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